A Comprehensive Program for the Enhancement of Accrual to Clinical Trials

Posted: Jan 25, 2017
Ann Surg Oncol. 23. 2146.
KEYWORDS: Level of Clinical Trials Knowledge or Awareness, Physician Champions, Institutional Issues, Brochure or Flyer, Cancer


Establishing the necessary resources and appropriate culture resulted in an accrual increase of over 75%. 

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The goal of the campaign was to achieve a 40% increase in accrual over a 2-year period. The critical elements of change implemented at this cancer center included education of stakeholders, enhancement of Disease-Specific Committees, upgraded operations, and increased leadership engagement. Elements were implemented simultaneously to complement each other and form a unified approach. The increase in overall accruals was robust and persistent over time. 


4 key areas of emphasis:

  • tasking leadership with increased oversight of the entire process;
  • education of all stakeholders as to the purpose, advantages, and availability of clinical trials; 
  • increased oversight of the portfolio of clinical trials by Disease-Specific Committees;
  • optimization of accrual operations and infrastructure center-wide. 

The accrual goal was achieved 4 months ahead of schedule at this comprehensive cancer center. The therapeutic accrual rate increased from below 15% to over 25%.