Turning a Vicious Cycle Into a Virtuous One

Posted: Jul 18, 2013
ENACCT. 2013.
KEYWORDS: Staff Experience Level, Attitudes, Institutional Issues, Verbal Communications, Cancer


The Education Network to Advance Cancer Clinical Trials (ENACCT) conducted a review of over 70 articles, studies and reports published in the last 5 years and concluded that there are 7 strategic questions that sites who hope to improve their accrual must answer. This 3-part series is designed to guide clinical trial teams at any type of institution through a comprehensive assessment of their clinical trials program to identify areas for change. The assessment and approaches described are relevant to both cancer and non-cancer clinical trials. 

  1. Is our vision, strategy and culture conducive to a robust clinical trials program?
  2. Are we selecting the right trials and initiating them in a timely fashion?
  3. Do we have the appropriate accrual policies and are our procedures efficient?
  4. Are our researchers and staff communicating effectively with each other and with patients?
  5. Does our team have the necessary skills and tools to accrue efficiently and effectively?
  6. Are we using the right measures to track and improve our performance?
  7. Are we doing everything we can in our community to improve awareness, understanding, and receptivity to clinical trials?


  • Part 1 describes the rationale and the opportunity for sites to improve their cancer clinical trial accrual by conducting a critical self-assessment. 
  • Part 2 describes the metrics that can be used to analyze patients, protocols, and processes in the clinical trials program. 
  • Part 3 focuses on the types of problems that may be identified in each of the 7 critical dimensions and strategies to resolve them.