Five Steps to Enhance Patient Participation in Cancer Clinical Trials: Guide and Workbook

Posted: Mar 29, 2013
ENACCT. 2011.
KEYWORDS: Knowledge/Attitudes/Beliefs, Language or Cultural Barriers, Underserved, Low Literacy, Non-English Speaking, Cost/Insurance, Staff Experience Level, Provider-Patient Relationship, Attitudes, Insurance Coverage, Institutional Issues, Consent, Verbal Communications, Print Media, Brochure or Flyer, Letter, Cancer, Screening, Treatment, Pallative, Survivorship, Behavioral, Phase 0,1,2, Phase 3-4


The guide and workbook provides strategies and “Lessons from the Field” on best practices to successful patient engagement and accrual to cancer clinical trials. 


This 42-page guide is divided up into the 5 sections below. It also provides sample plans and forms, as well as additional resources. This guide was developed in association with ENACCT’s Recruitment and Retention training initiative conducted during the fall of 2010 with oncology professionals at 6 CCOPs across the country. 

  1. Building Relationships
  2. Identifying Patients
  3. Approaching Patients
  4. Enrolling Interested Patients
  5. Retaining Patients