AccrualNet ToolKit

Posted: Oct 24, 2012
National Cancer Institute, AccrualNet Team.


The AccrualNetTM ToolKit contains everything you need to introduce your clinical trial colleagues to AccrualNetTM.


Tell your colleagues about AccrualNetTM . Here are some ideas:

  • AccrualNetTM Share Button: Embed one of these buttons on your organization's web site. Placing it in a location frequently visited by your investigators and research staff will help people to remember to check for effective accrual strategies!
  • AccrualNetTM Flyer: Print the one-page flyer and distribute to colleagues at your next staff meeting, journal club, grand rounds, and local professional chapter meeting. Post flyers near the computer work stations in your clinical area--or other locations where you want to remind colleagues about accrual.
  • AccrualNetTM Drop-in Article: Does your organization have a regular newsletter? Consider inserting the 400-word article into your next edition.
  • AccrualNetTM Power Point Presentation: Complete with animation and speaker notes, this set of slides can be used for a 10 minute presentation to inform your colleagues about incorporating AccrualNetTM into their daily work.
  • AccrualNetTM Social Media Posts: These posts are ready to share through your Facebook page, LinkedIn site or Twitter account.