Accrual Quality Improvement Program (AQuIP)

Posted: Jul 24, 2017
National Cancer Institute. 2017 Jul 24.
KEYWORDS: Verbal Communications, Radio, Web, Social Media, Print Media, Brochure or Flyer, Letter, Prevention


AQuIP is a dynamic clinical trial accrual improvement program that will leverage sponsor, study staff, and participant input. AQuIP consists of systematic planning, ongoing evaluation and responsive actions that lead to measurable improvement. AQuIP strategies include:

  • Monitor and improve recruitment early and often
  • Determine realistic recruitment rate projections
  • Use enhanced screening reports
  • Apply 'accrual zones' for early intervention

The site includes tools for recruitment planning and reporting as well as a toolkit for developing various types of recruitment materials. 


Available tools:

  • Sample Standard Operating Procedure for Participant Recruitment, Retention, and Adherence
  • Recruitment, Retention and Adherence Plan Outline
  • Step-by-step manual with guidance and helpful tips for creating high quality and professionally branded recruitment materials.
    • Sample messages
    • Media templates
    • Image library