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Welcome New 'AccrualNetters'!

Last Updated: Oct 6, 2015

A special welcome to the clinical trial professionals who recently joined AccrualNet!

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Here are a few tips about AccrualNet for our new members.  First, check out the Protocol Accrual Lifecycle. Wherever you find yourself in the clinical trial cycle, whether you're working with a team to write a protocol, planning your last steps before opening a study, or actively recruiting participants, this section of AccrualNet gives you both best practices to consider and links to some great literature and other resources. Second, print out the 'AccrualNet Protocol Accrual Lifecycle Checklist and Guide'.  This document contains the content found on the web site and serves as a handy self-assessment checklist for reviewing your own processes. Third, looking for something specific? Like an article about recruiting a certain population? Or a template for a recruitment letter? Just go to the Literature & Tools tab, click 'View all resources' on the left and use the 'show only' filters to narrow your search.

Finally, check out the AccrualNet Blog! You can sort through the existing blog posts for a topic that fits your needs. Or, consider starting a conversation to ask the community a question, or share a new finding or success story with your colleagues.

Never hesitate to let us know how we can help you or how we can improve AccrualNet!

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