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Welcome New 'AccrualNetters'!

Last Updated: Aug 12, 2013

It's that time of the month when we say HELLO to our newest members! 

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We are delighted to welcome 47 new members to AccrualNet in the last month. No summer doldrums here on AccrualNet, that's for sure! We hit a great big milestone this month--over 500 members, 532 to be precise. To our newest members--we hope that you've taken the opportunity to look around AccrualNet and that you found some interesting conversations and some great resources. Our AccrualNet team has just one word (actually two words) of advice about getting started with AccrualNet--DIVE IN!  As you look around, you may think--hmmm....'I've read a great article about this recently', or 'my team had great success with the xyz tool that we created', or, 'I wonder if anyone has tried.....'. So, submit that journal article, tip or tool to share with the community--it's easy to do. Just click here and upload your material or send us the hyperlink. The Communities and Conversation page is the perfect place to share some lessons learned or ask a burning question. Be sure to book mark AccrualNet and return often!

We invite our new members to add a couple words of introduction to this conversation. A couple tidbits about this month's new members:

  • 4 international members representing Canada, the UK, and Austrailia
  • Congrats to Lowell General Hospital in Lowell, MA and the University of Minnesota--each with 3 new members. You deserve a prize!
  • 23 of our new members are from academic organizations, 8 from community hospitals or programs and 6 from industry
  • A special welcome to our 10 new members who have worked in clinical trials for less than 3 years--you've come to the right place to learn from seasoned professionals in the field!

And we are extremely happy to welcome the new members to our latest virtual Community of Practice, the ASPREE Community! Check back in the coming days as we'll be telling you a little more about the exciting things happening in the ASPREE community.

On behalf of our AccrualNet readers, members, and team--welcome!

Linda and th AccrualNet Team

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