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Welcome New 'AccrualNetters'!

Last Updated: Jun 17, 2013

Rahlyn's Gossen's mention of AccrualNet in the post '10 Clinical Trial Blogs You Should Know About' on her blog RebarInteractive last month is the gift that keeps on giving! Many of our 12 new members this month found AccrualNet through Rahlyn's post. We are delighted that you joined AccrualNet and we hope that you are visiting often and finding some helpful information that you can use in your daily practice. The 12 of you share several things in common: 1) most of you are affiliated with free-standing research facilities or contract research organizations, 2) you are involved in a pharmaceutical-sponsored trials for a variety of conditions ranging from multiple sclerosis to diabetic foot ulcers, 3) most of you are interested in communication strategies.

You will see that many of the journal articles in AccrualNet are about recruitment issues related to oncology clinical trials--not surprising since this site is sponsored by the National Cancer Institute. However, as you look around you may also be surprised at the number of journal articles about other conditions and cohorts. One of the things that our editorial team discovered early in the AccrualNet development process, was that regardless of the disease, there are recruitment challenges that we all share. Just as our cancer colleagues have learned valuable information about overcoming recruitment barriers from non-cancer literature, we believe that you will enjoy and learn from the broad perspectives offered in AccrualNet.

Communication strategies is one of those cross-cutting issues. Here are a couple of practical resources that you may find especially helpful:

A special shout-out to these new members who agreed to share a little info about themselves: Sandra is in administration/management at a community hospital in the Midwest and has less than 3 years experience in clinical trials. Sandra, AccrualNet's members include a lot of very seasoned people in community clinical trial programs who may be a great resource for answering your questions! Desnisevillarreal wears two hats--business development and recruitment coordinator for a private multi-specialty clinical research site. Likewise, AdamRCR and Matt L. are both seasoned clinical trial professionals at independent research organizations in the East. Welcome to each of you and all of the other new members this month. We invite you to use the conversation page to tell us a little more about your work, your questions, or your tips for success!

The AccrualNet Team

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