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Welcome New 'AccrualNetters'!

Last Updated: May 20, 2013

Happy Monday.It's time to welcome the 22 new members who joined AccrualNet this month!

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Welcome to all of our new members who joined AccrualNet this month. We are delighted that you found AccrualNet, a virtual Community of Practice where you can find useful content and helpful colleagues, all in one place. One of the best ways to use AccrualNet is to dive right in! So consider adding a response to this e-mail to say a few words about your role in accrual, ask a burning question of your clinical trial colleagues, or share a great tip or resource. We also hope you'll add a little reminder on your calender to check in on a regular schedule to see what's happening in this community.

A few of you found out about AccrualNet during the spring Southwest Oncology Group meeting--thanks to Marge Good and Karen Anderson for helping 'get the word out'. Others may have seen the really lovely shout out from Rahlyn Gossen on her blog Rebar Interactive. If you missed it, be sure to check out the post here. If social media and clincial trials is your area of interest, you'll love the tutorials on Rahlyn's website!

Our new members this month are from all over the U.S.--Michigan, Ohio, Kansas, Georgia, Arizona, California, Texas, Missouri-- as well as 2 new members from Ontario and one from San Juan. Most of you work as either CRAs or Managers and your experience in clincial trials ranges from novice to expert! Many of you work in oncology, but several of you are from different specialty areas. One thing we have all learned about accrual to clinical trials--whatever the disease type or study population--we all share similar challenges and can learn a lot from each other. 

So, welcome to the neighborhood! Let us know if you have questions as you explore the site. And if you have a favorite resource, consider submitting it to AccrualNet to share with the entire community. There is no quicker way to instant fame!! If there is anything that we can do to help you share AccrualNet with your colleages, just let us know. We're always up for a webinar!

The AccrualNet Team: Linda, Ellen, Annette, Sona, Harry, Cassie, Katherine


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