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The Wednesday AccrualNet Post (3-6-13): The AccrualNet Team Says Thanks to Our ANSER Group

Last Updated: Mar 6, 2013

The NCI AccrualNet Team would like to acknowledge and give thanks to the AccrualNet Special External Reviewers Group -- our ANSER Group.

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This week, our AccrualNet Team acknowledges some very special clinical trial colleagues – the members of our “AccrualNet Special External Reviewers Group”, or as we call them, the ANSER Group. The group was established in early 2012 as a 12-month pilot project.  The AccrualNet Team selected 7 individuals from around the country to participate in the pilot.   For the past year, members of this amazing group shared their perspectives and “real world” experiences with us.  Their input kept us connected with the issues that are most important to all of you.  In addition to telling us what really matters, they helped to:

  • Confirm the value of easy to read journal article summaries.
  • Find and add more tools, samples, and templates. 
  • Inform important decisions in our web site re-design process last summer. For example, the easiest way to register on the site, the best approach for searching content.

The ANSER Group members participated in monthly calls, posted comments on our Conversations page, and best of all, they served as champions in the field – connecting colleagues and organizations with the valuable resources on AccrualNet.  Collectively, they certainly have been the “ANSER” for AccrualNet!

Just as AccrualNet benefitted from the ANSER Group, the ANSER group members also benefitted from the experience. They described the value of their participation, saying:

  • “I really liked the discussion on the calls. Getting firsthand knowledge of AccrualNet and the literature was very helpful.  The interaction with others on the group and with NCI was great.” 
  • “Great to see my suggestions used on the new site, to see it come to fruition.”
  •  “Being on the group was the best thing.  It was great to network, to contribute to AccrualNet.” 
  • “Being a part of the group helped my work and my programs.”

The ANSER Group members just completed their year of participation and, on behalf of the NCI AccrualNet Team, we extend a heartfelt thank you to:  

  • Rose Ermete, RN, BSN, OCN, CCRP, Research Nurse Coordinator for the Michigan Cancer Research Consortium at St. Mary Mercy Hospital in Livonia, MI. Rose also serves as the Chair of the Southwest Oncology (SWOG) Research Professionals Committee.
  • Mary Fredericksen, CCRP, Study Coordinator in the Mayo Cancer Center’s Cancer Prevention Network in Rochester, MN.
  • Maria Gonzalez, BS, MPH(c), Director of Operations at the Cancer Prevention and Treatment at St. Joseph Hospital of Orange in Orange, CA.
  • Sandra Hamilton, RN, BSN, MEd, former NBLIC III Associate Director and Health Communications Specialist for the Department of Community Health Preventive Medicine at Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA.
  • Susan Peterson, RN, MBA, CCRP, Nurse Manager for the Clinical and Translational Research Center at the Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, OR.
  • Nancy Sprouse, RN, BSN, BS, former Director Clinical Research and Upstate Carolina CCOP at Spartansburg Regional Medical Center in Spartanburg, SC.
  • Connie Szczepanek, RN, BSN, Director of the Grand Rapids Clinical Oncology Program (GRCOP) in Grand Rapids, MI.

By all accounts, our ANSER Group pilot was a tremendous success.  The group was highly valued and participants expressed a high value in membership.  We plan to continue the ANSER Group by selecting the next generation of participants in the near future.  Watch AccrualNet for more details!

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