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The Wednesday AccrualNet Post (10-17-12): The AccrualNet Difference

Last Updated: Oct 16, 2012

What is the one thing that makes all the difference in your recruitment efforts going smoothly?  It just might be AccrualNet!

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What is the one thing that makes your trials go more smoothly?  What’s your got-to-have tool that allows you to be most productive?  Is it a particular tracking tool, a special management approach, a communication protocol, or a new software program?  Everyone’s got something.  My hope is that AccrualNet is top of the list for one of the things that helps make your trials go more smoothly.  And, more specifically, that an AccrualNet Community of Practice is one of your “go to” resources and tools.  A Community of Practice is all about collaboration and learning with peers, building useful relationships, and getting access to help when needed. 

Communities of Practice ,or CoP’s, are groups of people who interact over time on a regular basis to share problems, solutions, strategies, and concerns.  They are about real work.  Sources of insights and solutions come from in-the-field practice, academic literature and external expertise.   All of these are shared within the CoP.  Actually, CoP’s have informally existed wherever staff  have gathered to “talk shop” about innovative ways to, for example, be culturally sensitive in recruiting diverse populations to trials.  Many of us have gathered around a team table to hear updates on studies and to also learn new ways of dealing with problems.  But how is this accomplished in the new and more geographically diverse practice settings?   A CoP on AccrualNet!  More mobile and distributed staff who use CoP’s gives us all strikingly new opportunities to gather, interact and learn from each other in novel ways. 

Using a CoP in your practice is a really about shifting toward a strategy of developing connections, sharing solutions, and stimulating inquiry within a new model of teamwork, technology and collaboration.  So, the next time you are on the phone or at a local gathering with fellow recruitment specialists, consider how you could further extend and amplify your productivity with the creation of a new Community of Practice on AccrualNet.  Simply fill out the CoP request form and know that all of us on the AccrualNet Team are hear to help you.  We are certain that when practitioners gather as a community, no doubt you can expect to see and hear things that contribute significantly to positive outcomes and productivity.   An AccrualNet CoP can make all the difference!



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