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Social Media and Clinical Trials: Where to start?

Last Updated: Jun 3, 2015

Social media is everywhere, including clinical trial recruitment! Are you on the leading edge? Or wondering where to start? AccrualNet™ can help. 

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There are a lot of resources on AccrualNet to help you get started. For example, you can learn more about how your colleagues have used social media in their recruitment efforts. Or, how to write for social media--it's a different skill! Or maybe you need information about  how to prepare for IRB review of your social media approach. Here are some of our readers favorite resources:

Research recruitment using Facebook advertising: Big potential, big challenges.

·         Developing ads for Facebook was easy to do, inexpensive and resulted in wide, rapid circulation.

Guide to writing for social media.

·         Learn about target audiences, health literacy, plain language and social marketing in this comprehensive guide.

Practical guidance: the use of social media in oncology practice.

·         Social media for clinical trial promotion is promising but not without risks.

IRB review of the use of social media in research.

·         Researchers can utilize social media tools by working with their IRB to create a cascading communication plan that outlines possible messages to Tweet, blog, text or post.


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