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Last Updated: May 7, 2013


I just wanted to know what kind of recruitment strategies you have found that work at your centers v.s ones that don't.

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Hi Aleks - Welcome to AccrualNet and thanks for your great question. We get that knowing which strategies don't work is almost as important as knowing which ones do. Just to let you know, you will find many articles on  AccrualNet that address this very issue.  Quite a few authors have compared  the effectiveness of different strategies and several have written reviews of the literature on recruitment strategies. Examples of strategies that have been looked at and found to have varying levels of success are  face-to-face community outreach, engaging with minority group community leaders, physician champions, building relationships with community healthcare providers, using databases and patient registries, direct mail, social media, participant reimbursement, reaching out to family members and caregivers, print newspaer ads and many more.  You can find these papers on AccrualNet by typing in the word "strategies", or a particular strategy or participant population, in the SEARCH box in the upper right hand corner of any page.  How about you? Which strategies have you found to work (and not work)? 


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