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Recruitment Plans

Last Updated: Aug 30, 2012

Originally posted by: Anonymous on the former AccrualNet site on May 11, 2010.


A recent survey of CCOP administrators that was presented at the NCI-ASCO Cancer Trial Accrual Symposium showed that about 80% of those who responded do NOT use individual study recruitment and retention plans. During the breakout session, discussions about writing recruitment plans included a range of opinions from those who feel that “it’s just more paperwork” to those who find extensive planning to be very useful. I’m interested in hearing if professionals in the field who are involved in recruitment use written recruitment plans and if so the format of the plans that they use and might be willing to share. Thank you in advance.

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Originally posted by: Anonymous on the former AccrualNet site on Jun 17, 2010.

I think of recruitment in terms of other business models where strategic planning is routine and valued. So yes, I develop written R&R plans for each individual study and find them useful. A template helps me organize this information which is customized according to each study. Multiple headings include: \"Referral Sources\" where a list of specific recruitment methods we plan to employ appears. \"Metrics for Evaluation of Recruitment and Retention Performance\" includes how we plan to measure the effectiveness of each method. This section prompts us to monitor and adjust the plan as variables change throughout the life cycle of a study. \"Train Staff\" is an important section that details how education will be delivered to study personnel so the team has sufficient knowledge to execute and manage the protocol. Other sections within the template could be improved to make them less rote (i.e. Promoting Comfortable and Pleasant Clinic Environment/Experiences). All in all, developing an R&R plan fits in nicely with the old saying... if you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

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Originally posted by: rose-mary on the former AccrualNet site on Jun 22, 2010.

To the Mayo recruitment Coordinator, So glad to read about your experiences planning for recruitment. Would you be willing to share your template or at least the categories/headings?
Many thanks,
Rose Mary, NCI AccrualNet Team

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Originally posted by: Anonymous on the former AccrualNet site on Jul 09, 2010.

I would be interested in taking a look at any template plans colleagues are willing to share as well. I am in a fellowship program at NCI, and very new to clinical trials and recruitment - these templates would be a great resource as I continue to learn more about the recruitment process. I hope the Mayo recruitment coordinator is able to add templates to the materials available here on AccrualNet.

Thanks in advance for any info you can share,
Holly Aprea Gibbons
National Cancer Institute

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