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Ideas to improve Clinical Trials

Last Updated: Aug 15, 2016

Do you have ideas on how to make clinical trial information easier to find and use?

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Help spread the word and share your ideas!

NCI in partnership with the White House Presidential Innovation Fellows (PIFs), announced a plan for re-designing how patients and oncologists find and understand information about available NCI-supported cancer clinical trials.

To support this, Clinical Trials Ideas,, launched a website to gather ideas from patients, caregivers, advocates, health professionals and technical partners on how to make cancer clinical trials information easy to find, recommend and use.  

The goal is to ensure that patients and their care teams can access the information they need at the right time to strengthen participation in cancer research. While clinical trials may not be the best treatment option for every cancer patient, many patients, providers, and caregivers could benefit from understanding what options are available and having appropriate clinical trials offered and explained as an option in their cancer care.

Check out the search page and the prototype API,, and give us your ideas and feedback by August 30, 2016.

Help promote Clinical Trial Ideas! Please consider downloading the attached digital toolkit and share our sample social media messages to your networks. We appreciate your participation and support. 

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