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Guest Experts December 2011: David Dilts and Holly Massett--A CHALLENGE to the AccrualNet Community!

Last Updated: Aug 30, 2012

Originally posted by: Linda Parreco, AccrualNet Co-Moderator, on the former AccrualNet site on Dec 01, 2011.


Please join me in welcoming our December guest experts, David Dilts, MBA, PhD of Oregon Health & Science University, and Holly Massett, PhD of the National Cancer Institute’s Office of Communications and Education. Our team is thrilled with two recent publications about AccrualNet in the November 1, 2011 issue of Journal of Oncology Practice. Dr. Massett, primary author on the article “AccrualNet: Addressing Low Accrual Via a Knowledge-Based, Community of Practice Platform” led NCI's formative research and development efforts that culminated in the launch of AccrualNet. Dr. Dilts, known to many for his studies of protocol development delays and his participation in the NCI's Operational Efficiency Working Group, served as a valuable consultant and advisor to the AccrualNet project. Holly and David—thanks for serving as our experts this month!


From our experts:


In the November 1, 2011 issue of Journal of Oncology Practice, the development and possible uses of AccrualNet were presented (Massett et al., e32-e39). This article was complemented by a second article entitled “Achieving Exemplary Attributes with AccrualNet (Baer, et al., e40-e41). In both articles, a major focus was in highlighting how to use this valuable resource to help and inform researchers and their staff about the range of questions needed to be addressed when designing, selecting and running oncology clinical trials.


While the existing AccrualNet site is helpful as a resource tool, it can only reach its full potential when comments and insights are offered by you, the members of the clinical trials professional community, in the “Conversations” section. By engaging with such a forum, we can create a community of practice around accrual and further support efforts to overcome the long standing problem of low accrual to clinical trials. So, consider sharing your major barriers to trial accrual at your site which are not currently addressed in AccrualNet. Or, raise concerns regarding potential future issues you foresee will impact accrual. Two timely issues now are: (1) what do we do about the current oncology drug shortages? and (2) what will the changes to the Common Rule have on recruitment at your site? In addition to sharing reactions and information to common barriers, this community is an excellent place to share successes. The accumulation of 'real life' experiences in AccrualNet increases the value of this site to the entire clinical trials community and may serve as a resource for new insights and solutions to the problem of low accrual.


AccrualNet offers the opportunity to openly share among the oncology community overcome past barriers and help prevent new ones from arising in clinical research. So now it is your turn: join the discussion and help direct the future!


David Dilts and Holly Massett

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