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Guest Expert Susan Love, M.D.: Revolutionary Approach to Clinical Trial Accrual

Last Updated: Jun 26, 2013

The AccrualNet Team is thrilled to welcome our June guest expert, Dr. Susan Love, world-renowned author, breast cancer surgeon and advocate for breast cancer research and treatment.  Dr. Love is  the founder of the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation which joined forces with the Avon Foundation to launch the Army of Women, a growing online registry/network of women available to participate in research.  Please see below to hear what she has to say about it and to welcome Dr. Love!

Contrary to the persistent refrain from researchers that they cannot find subjects for translational research, the Army of Women has quickly recruited over 373,000 male and female members with and without breast cancer ranging from ages 18 to 100, representing all 50 US states and 49 countries, eager to participate in research.  In fact I have been amazed at their willingness not just to fill out surveys or spit in a cup but also to undergo core biopsies, eat grapefruit, send in breast milk, undergo nipple aspirate fluid collection and even participate in aerobics!   The AOW has helped some researchers reach their accrual goal in as little as one day. As one researcher who partnered with the AOW explained, “Online recruitment reaches a large amount of people in a very short amount of time. Volunteers clearly trust the Army of Women and are eager to participate in research.” To date the AOW has recruited for 74 studies both regionally and nationally, and more than 84,000 members have participated in studies that range from biomarker and genetic research to psycho-social and quality of life studies  

The biggest complaint that we hear from members of the Army of Women is that there are not enough studies that need them.  It can be difficult for researchers to cross the chasm from laboratory animals to humans but it is important. Laboratory animals can allow for more precise science but if the goal is for the findings to be applicable to humans, there comes a time when you have to do the research in humans. The AOW stands ready to help with coaching and assistance with the IRB process, recruitment and the best way to collect samples.

Click here to learn more about the Army of Women and how YOUR research can benefit from the accelerated recruitment possible via the Army of Women


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