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Guest Expert: Allison Baer--ASCO clinical trial resources

Last Updated: Aug 30, 2012

Originally posted by: Rose Mary Padberg, AccrualNet Team Member, on the former AccrualNet site on Mar 22, 2011.


The NCI AccrualNet team is pleased to introduce Allison Baer a Senior Clinical Trial Specialist from ASCO as this month's guest expert. Our team strives to locate new resources for our readers to continue to be a one-stop shop to meet your challenging recruitment needs. We were pleased to find that ASCO has several helpful resources to highlight in the posting below. We know that Allison is there at ASCO headquarters bringing a nursing perspective to these resources. Welcome Allison!


Allison Baer's Post:


As an oncology nurse and employee at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), I am honored for this opportunity to highlight some of ASCO’s newest clinical trial resources that may be of interest to you. As you look through these resources, I hope you will consider the following questions and share your answers on this blog:


• What new resources would you like to see professional societies like ASCO develop?
• What topics should be addressed in materials developed for patients and/or providers?
• What is the best venue for sharing new information (in-person meetings, online discussion boards, webinars, print materials)?


ASCO’s Clinical Trial Resources:

Clinical Trials Videos Series - In this video series, experienced investigators discuss how to approach topics of importance when conducting clinical trials. Video topics include quality assurance, talking with patients about participation, and the importance of a multidisciplinary approach when conducting clinical trials.

Exemplary Attributes Article Series 1 Series part 2 - The Journal of Oncology Practice series on exemplary attributes of clinical trial sites provides practical advice on topics related to conducting clinical trials. I had the privilege to work with expert investigators in the development of several of these articles and hope you will find the information helpful.


Patient Education on Clinical Trials- ASCO’s free patient education website, Cancer.Net, offers a variety of information in written and multimedia form on understanding and participating in clinical trials. Cancer.Net’s newest effort is a special series of patient-friendly educational videos about clinical research.
Please be sure to leave a comment below regarding new topics/materials you think ASCO should develop. I look forward to reading your suggestions and sharing them with ASCO’s Cancer Research Committee.


Kind regards,

Allison R Baer RN BSN OCN
Senior Clinical Trials Specialist
American Society of Clinical Oncology

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