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Clinical Trials Resources for Advocates

Last Updated: Feb 24, 2014

AccrualNet serves as a tool for many in the clinical trial field, including advocates passionate about recruitment. See below for more.


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Recently, we had a question from an AccrualNet member regarding clinical trial resources for advocates. While AccrualNet is targeted toward clinical trialists on the front lines, it is also a helpful tool for others who may not be directly recruiting participants to trials, but who are also considered to be on the front lines for accrual. They are the patient and clinical trial advocates.   Patient advocates across the country play essential roles in clinical trial recruitment, whether it be in an official capacity—such as those working directly with cooperative groups to help accrue—or in an unofficial but equally important role of increasing the public’s awareness about clinical trials. To do either, advocates need resources. Fortunately, many have volunteered their time and support and assist recruitment in any number of ways. They have developed their own targeted and practical, step-by-step guides on how to recruit and advocate for patients, held training workshops on recruitment and retention, spoken at national meetings about their work, and sat on national advisory boards to bring the patients’ perspective to the table. These are all considerable contributions to the field from which clinical research teams can benefit.   AccrualNet has amassed several articles on how advocates have assisted in recruitment as well as included resources developed by and for advocates that can be used by all. If you are an advocate or work with any at your site, share AccrualNet with them and search for “advocates.” You will see a number of resources that can help you and those you collaborate with in your clinical trial efforts. Here are some specific ones that may be useful: • CANCER RESEARCH TRAININGFIVE STEPS TO ENHANCE PATIENT PARTICIPATION IN CANCER CLINICAL TRIALS: GUIDE AND WORKBOOKINTRODUCTION TO CLINICAL RESEARCH LEARNING MODULESCULTURAL COMPETENCYINCREASING AWARENESS OF OPPORTUNITIES FOR TRIAL PARTICIPATION AMONG POTENTIAL MINORITY PARTICIPANTSCANCER CLASSROOM SERIES: CLINICAL TRIALS 101 & 102 

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