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Clinical Trials – a new sound bite

Last Updated: Oct 22, 2013
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On behalf of NCI’s AccrualNet Team- WELCOME BACK! Along with most of the NIH websites, AccrualNet has returned! But more importantly, federally-funded clinical trials have re-opened for accrual. Thankfully, people are back to work and participants are being enrolled again. In fact, there is good reason to think that enrollment will improve. Not to minimize the impact of the federal government partial “shutdown” cloud on medical research, but there may have been a silver lining for clinical trials. The fact that sick patients  were being denied enrollment in clinical trials due to the funding crisis got the attention of quite a few politicians, advocates and the news media and the importance of clinical research became an effective talking point.  Viewing audiences across the country heard the term “clinical trial” repeatedly and only in the most positive light. Hopefully, all of the media exposure has increased public awareness of the value of clinical trials.  Our conversations with potential participants may have just become a  little easier.

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